Pond Legacy Shoulder Bag

  1. I just bought one from eBay and the leather seems stiff...will it soften up? It was from a Coach Factory store if that's makes difference. I had a black one and the leather was softer. Does the Pond take time to break in?
  2. Hi Alohagirl,
    so when you say Coach factory store, did the seller mean they ordered it through the 800#? It would really help if you have a couple of pics. I had the pond shoulder and the leather is the same as the other colors.
  3. I think by Coach Factory store they mean "outlet".
  4. I don't know about leather, but I've always felt that my Coach signature pieces start out a little on the stiff side. They just seem to need to get broken in a bit like a good pair of shoes!
  5. I definitely think the pond will break in. I finally let her out of the house about a week ago, and I already notice a difference. While we're at it, has anyone noticed a lightening of the color from just being outside in the sun?Thanks!
  6. The pond shoulder bags at the outlet actually came from a retail store. They were transfers. so that shouldn't make a difference. But the leather should definitely soften up over time. It's such a pretty bag! Congrats!