Pond Legacy Leather, Any problems with it?

  1. Hi Ladies, I just got my Pond Legacy Shoulder bag, :yahoo: I have the Black Leather one too, just wondering if anyone has had any problems with the leather, as far as it getting discolored or just grimy looking. I have used the black one for 6 months without any issues, I just don't want to have to "Baby" this one too much, even though I am not rough on my purses.
    Thanks !
    Queen :smile:
  2. I've got a pond legacy shoulder that I've used for about 2 months now. So far, it's in great shape, with no discolorations. But I also baby it, because I want to make 100% sure that it'll stay perfect. :smile:
  3. Hm...I don't have the pond...but my rose legacy bag definitely picks up color from my jeans if its rubbing up against me a lot. It was the added side benefit when I had to replace it due to the faulty turnlock....because I got a whole new bag with no discoloration...and now I'm trying to be more careful about making sure it doesn't rub up against my jeans a lot.
  4. Thanks Ladies ! I was worried about color transfer too, wore it with my light Denim jacket though, so if that did happen it wouldn't be too noticeable. I was just so happy to find one, they are definately in short supply.