Pond crinkle patent leather tote.. how is it???

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  1. How is the pond patent tote holding up to normal wear? Does it have any strange wear lines? Has it gotten really soft and weird shaped? How does it feel under the arm? I am selling my ruby patent tote for another patent bag. my tote has a boxy shape on the bottom and is hard to wear under my arm.

    Any comments and pictures are welcomed. :love:
  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY PATENT POND TOTE........this is my fav bag...i have used it since i got it a week before easter,it seems to be holding up fine,it is soft not hard and boxy, I dont know if thats how patent is because it is my first patent bag but if I had the red one I would never part with it...the red is sooo pretty but the pond is too I got it because all my bags are brown or black and i wanted color.the pond totes are sold out(on coach.com) I think but I know I saw one at dillards the other day.
  3. I have the medium Ergo totes in both the pond patent and the red patent. Both were already smooshy when I bought them, and they've softened a little more with use. Both of them fit absolutely perfectly under the arm, and the leather is flexible enough that they "smoosh" right in under the arm!! I can't get enough of Coach's patent leather. I think it just gets better with age.
  4. Well I havent used mine yet but Im looking forward to doing so! Here a picture for you.

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  5. what are you waiting for??? Its April already!!!! LOL....:yahoo::tup:
  6. April, shmapril - Im in NJ and its still crappy/rainy/chilly here!