Pond color

  1. I got the legacy shoulder bag in Pond for the PCE and I love it. But it is not quiet the color I thought it was going to be. Online it looks like it is more of a baby blue . . . . like it is the same blue that is a part of the legacy stripe that lines the inside of the bag. But in reality it is more of a light turquoise.

    Did anyone else feel a little surprised when they got their Pond bag?
  2. i did. but the longer i've had it the more i've grown to really like it. i would suggest giving it a little while to get used to it before you decide if you want to keep it or not! :smile:
  3. I have seen the pond color in stores. I love it.. its so fun for spring
  4. And its available on the website!:yes:

    I'd order it but I just ordered the one in Rose!
  5. ^^The rose? It's available?

    I was also a little surprised by the actual color but I love it nonetheless.
  6. It was a different color than I thought, but I love any blue bags :smile:
  7. :yes: When I received my Pond Shoulder bag, it was definately a bit different then I thought it was going to be... I wasn't sure at first - but now I :heart: it!!

    I think the color is gorgeous!! It is really versatile and I've gottern it go with pretty much everything... I love it and it eliminated needing a bbag in Blue India, because they are pretty much the same color!! Good all the way around. ;)
  8. Off topic, but do you guys feel you have to wear blue to carry your pond bag?
    I really love the color, but I'd be lost as to what I could wear with it.
  9. I got one at PCE too but it's still in the box. I'm still breaking in my new LV Azur Speedy 25. Anyway, I think white, black, khaki or even blue jeans would go great with this bag. I can't wait to use it.
  10. I feel the same way and I am so glad that someone spoke up about it because I thought that maybe mine was darker than everyone elses. I expected it to be a lighter blue. It is very turquoise. I am carrying it but it is taking a lot for me to get used to it. I thought that it would match my legacy scarf a lot better.

    I am so glad that everyone seems to agree that it is a lot darker than expected. Whew!!!!
  11. I love the Pond color and have seen it in person. I just wish that Coach would make one of the bags I like (Ali or Mandy) in the Pond. I think it goes with alot. It looks terrific with all shades of brown, black and grey as well.

  12. Oh, no, no, no! Not at all. I would like it would be a little over kill to carry this bag, while wearing, say a blue shirt or blue pants. I am carrying this bag today. I am wearing a brown turtleneck sweater (shortsleeve, summerweight), jeans, and my brown (with a little bit of blue accents) pumas.
    I wear a lot of black and brown (and white, too I guess) tops and I think my pond bag looks great with these colors. I just add a few blue accessories and I am good to go!

  13. Yeah, me too! Don't get me wrong, I still love the bag, but I was a little disappointed that my legacy scarf didn't match it perfectly.
  14. And when I say blue pants ^ I don't mean blue jeans. I mean like solid blue dress pants or a solid blue skirt.
  15. I have not seen thepond color in person - but I do see what you mean about the color difference between the real thing and the on-line color. The pond on Coach's website is light and blue and soft and distressed looking. While the pictures people have posted look turquoise, and solid (not distressed, no lighter and darker patches). The pond doesn't look vintage at all to me.