Ponchos - keep or donate?

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  1. Continuing to clean out closets and came across several ponchos. One is pale pink, inexpensive and not very warm. One is red, much better quality and a little longer and warmer. Two are lightweight, orange with metallic thread running through and pink with metallic thread - more of an accessory than an outerwear piece. Are ponchos over? As I write this, I think I should just keep the red as it is my best color and is the warmest. What do you think?:confused1:
  2. Personally, I never did buy any ponchos and never found them to be a great look for anyone. If you like the red, keep it and toss it later if you don't use it. I would probably toss the others.
  3. You'll have to wear it in a year or two, after 5-6 years since days of glory items became fashionnable again.
  4. DONATE!!

    Unless you are pregnant, and even then, why would you possibly wear a blanket around your neck that makes you look like a big, sad pillow? You can do better than a poncho!
  5. i feel like ponchos have become a bit more popular in the past yr or two~ i see them in high end and low end stores all around. i actually own a burberry one which i love but never wear lol. i always feel like i'm wearing a blanket! you can always wear it around the house!
  6. I like what shoulderache said, "why look like a big, sad pillow?" I feel like I have so much stuff to wear around the house and it gets in way of doing dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. I think I will get rid of 3 and just keep the red.
  7. OMG I feel exactly that way about the "tie-sweaters" of a few years ago. Remember those? The Ballet-style cardigans that tied...
    Well, I JUMPED on that trend, spending ALOT of money on cashmere ones from shopbob.
    And now they just SIT in the closet. I will never spend on a trend like that again! I know that the scarf thing is a trend, but scarves have been around for generations, I doubt I'll be sorry about that...