Pompous, obnoxious customer behavior at Crate and Barrel...

  1. One of my goals this weekend was to find a new chair for my home office. I went to Crate and Barrel at Bellevue Square today to search and had a very attentive SA. The office chairs were scattered all over the furniture floor, but she was of course very willing to show me each chair and answer questions. So far so good!

    We get to black leather chair #3. Sitting in this chair is a, ahem, very large man in his 50s or so taking a load off. Well, as we approached the man and the chair we thought it was obvious we wanted to look at the chair and despite making eye contact with him he didn't budge. Rather he snorted "you ladies probably just want to look at my butt, right?" And he swung around in the chair. :wtf: It was in the most audacious tone I could not believe it. :yucky: I said, "actually, sir, I'm interested in possibly purchasing this chair and would like to look at it." At that point, 99.999% of the population would have gotten out of said chair. Believe me, I couldn't see much of it the way he was spilling over. He actually said "no, I bet you just want to look at my butt." OMG!!

    Thankfully, I was not in a huge hurry and didn't want to make any more of a scene but I was ready to clock the guy on the head with my Saleya PM. So I looked at a few more chairs and decided, nope, still gotta look at Occupied Chair #3. So we went back there and sure enough he was still in it. I said "Sir, I need to look at this chair" in a rather loud voice and he got up and left.

    Now, trust me, ladies, if this guy had been elderly or disabled I would have had empathy. Unfortunately, this guy was a rude, obnoxious pr*ck and THAT behavior comes in all ages, shapes and sizes.

    <rant off> Whew, that felt better! :shame:
  2. What a jerk! It amazes me how rude people can be. Sorry you had to deal with this, and I hope you found a chair you liked!
  3. Pursegrrl, you should have clocked him with the Saleya, knock some sense into him!

    I hope you got a new chair from the back and you didn't get the one he was sitting on!
  4. :lol::lol:I was thinking the same!
  6. Hooray for bargains! Glad you got such a good deal!
  7. u rock pursegrrl :biggrin: well done ... that man is *********
  8. Hey by any chance did you get the ottomans that covert into a tabletop for drinks?
    If so, they sell the same exact thing at Moe's a stones throw away from Costco in SoSeattle (So. 4th St.)

    That's a great store the Costco home! Glad you had a blast!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: What a redneck!! lol! I can't believe someone said that! I'm pretty sure i would have burst out laughing. How nasty!
  10. You're so nice. I would have just said, "Yeah, I wanna see your ass... Outta MY chair!"
  11. :roflmfao:
  12. :roflmfao: haha.
  13. People truly intrigue me... that is so rude it is ridiculous.
  14. Of COURSE you were staring at his ass! How could you not? It was right there in your chair!
  15. I think this was probably just his awkward attempt at trying to flirt with you, lol! ;)