Pompon--Ruby Red GSH or Sorbet RH

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  1. Dear all,
    I am looking to add a PomPon to my Bal collection, and so far I have my eye on two colors...Ruby Silver Hardware or Sorbet RH..

    Both seems super cute, but the ruby GSH has more of a rock edge to it, I guess..So I am hoping for some opinions from you guys to help me decide because both are probably not hard to match with my wardrobe

    I have a Coral Red GGH City and a 08 Magenta pink GSH Work..THanks!!
  2. I'd go for the Ruby SGH. For some reason I like GH on the Pom Pom over RH but that's JMO.
  3. My vote's for Ruby, it's a beautiful true red. Since you already have a brighter red and a pink, Ruby sounds like a nice addition. I agree that the PomPon looks really nice with GH!
  4. yes, Ruby w/GSH :tup:
  5. Another vote for Ruby SGH Pom Pon!
  6. Ruby GSH
  7. Ruby SGH would be nice!! i love the colour so much.
  8. Ruby hands down for all the reasons you said, and the reasons posted by the other TPFers.

    Enjoy your new bag, it is going to look AMAZING on you.
  9. Definitely Ruby GSH!
  10. Ruby gsh for me too! I like more gh then rh on this style.
  11. i have both colours and i definitely prefer ruby!
  12. wow, thanks for all your opinions! I hope Pompon would be an easy to carry and versatile bag, as I am quite used to carrying Work.