Pompon - is it big enough for a work bag

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  1. #1 Mar 25, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2016
    Oops meant to say mini pompon

    Hello lovelies, usually on the Mulberry thread but they just aren't doing it for me anymore

    I recently purchased a Chloe mini Marcie for my go to bag when carrying the bare necessities and for work I use a small bayswater satchel, small del rey, tillie satchel (all mulberry)

    I'd like to branch out and buy my first Bal and on my wish list are in no particular order


    For work I like to travel light as my commute is c.70-80 mins by bus and tube, I also like a long strap so I can travel hands free

    All I carry is

    Continental or French purse
    iPhone 6
    Small Nokia work phone
    Small makeup bag
    Keys with tassel keyring
    Staff pass
    Very little else

    Will all of this fit into a mini pompon without ruining the look off the bag or overload it

  2. I've never had the pompon so can't help there but the day would easily fit these all plus more and be easy to carry. First might be a bit too small plus strap is very short.
  3. Mini Pom is quite spacious with its pert round bottom (!) and it will easily hold all of the above. You'd just need to be careful of the length of the strap though - if you're tall you may think it's not really long enough for crossbody.

  4. Thank you

    Lol, yeah it's bottom does look ample!

    I'm 5'5, SBS strap is 110cm I think and that perfect, but I doubt pompon strap would be long enough

    I've spent all afternoon looking at pics and spotted the strap in modelling shots, thanks for confirming

    Thanks again
  5. I have all the 3 in your wish list. Im quite sure First will not hold what you stated. Day is the biggest of the 3, but it's meant for shoulder carrying, unless you go for the Men's Day, which you can have the option of carrying it xbody or on shoulder. It can hold more than what you stated. Mini Pompon perhaps is the best choice in terms of what you need to carry. No problem for shoulder carrying, but for xbody, it may be too short for a tall girl

  6. Thanks so much, do you think the mini pompon will still retain some slouchiness it will it look full with my contents in it?
  7. Im pretty sure it's more than enough for you unless your make up pouch is big & bulky. The rest of your items are pretty small ;)

  8. #8 Mar 27, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016

    Lol, I tend to leave the trowel at home and only have the bare essential for a top up if need

    Thanks, still on the fence, but only because I don't know anything about the website I've seen it on and it's not in the Uk which is where I am
  9. This might be too late to help you but hopefully will be useful for anyone else with the same questions.

    This is the shortest strap setting and I'm 5'0.


    I like it as a sling bag though. I like how it looks when the drawstring is left loose for that slouchy look. I stuff a scarf on top to cover my wallet etc.


  10. Thanks so much, you are much tinier than me and it looks perfect on you!

    I did buy it and the jury's out at the mo as its a little smaller than I had envisaged, but I soooo love it! It was a steal at 50% off so even though It won't be a workbag, chances are she will be a keeper

    The workmanship, the leather, the hardware absolutely everything about it!

    If it's not a keeper, I'm now smitten by Bal

    Thanks again

  11. Glad to hear you went for it! 50% is awesome! There are sneaky ways to extend the strap slightly, like adding metal extenders (carabiners) etc.

    You are most welcome! ️