Pompei Veneta on Amazon for $1k

  1. Sure is pretty!
  2. Too small for me. : (
  3. I've seen the Pompei in person, and it's not a good colour for me. But for the ladies who like their reds and oranges, this is a unique option for a Veneta! :yes:
  4. i have this bag in this color and i love it. the color really pops especially when i wear it with blacks, browns, whites, etc. it's really a great color not obnoxious at all.
  5. There're lots of BV bags on Amazon. Are they authentic?
  6. bullshopper, is pompei the pumpkin orange offered in Fall 06, or is it a tomato red/orange? I have a orange-red bag that I bought off eBay, but I don't know what the official color is. Laptop monitors aren't the most color accurate, so I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is correct.
  7. When I was looking, all the BVs were either from Bluefly (general consensus seems to be authentic) or Amazon. Since the pompei veneta is from Amazon and not a third party, I personally would trust its authenticity -- I've never had an issue with any product bought directly from Amazon. We even bought our TV from Amazon. IMO, it's buying from third parties via Amazon that you have to watch out for.