Pomme Zippy.... should I or shouldn't I

  1. Last week, my hubby went to the LV boutique (all by himself lol!) and picked out a Pomme Vernis Zippy wallet for me. They didn't have one in the store, so LV told him that they'd get one in and place it on hold.

    It means so much to me that he chose it all by himself, but I'm a little worried about the color transfer issue. I have the Pomme heart, but it hangs outside my bag, so I haven't had any problems at all. The pomme is a bit darker, so maybe it's not as much of an issue.

    Has anyone had any problems with color transfer with the Pomme.

    Also, I'd love feedback on your feelings on the vernis zippy. I love the look and the size. I'm a big bag girl, so it wouldn't be too big for any of my bags.
  2. I have the pochette wallet and a few other Pomme pieces...no problems with color transfer. I believe that only occurs with lighter color vernis...
  3. In my purse right now I have a pomme 4 key holder and a Framboise agenda. I've had the agenda for about 2 months and the key holder since our TPF Hawaii meet. So far both pieces look good. As a matter of fact with both pieces the inside leather is more scratched and ssuceed than the outside.

    I really think it would look soooo fab to pull out that wallet from your LH. I think you should go for it!!!
  4. the color is pretty rich, there wouldn't be serious problems with color transfer!
  5. I:heart: the vernis zippy. I have it in framboise and its so cute. I actually want it in the pomme also, but I feel guilty to have 2. I haven't had any issues with color transfer, but I do try and be careful with it. :love:
  6. I love the Pomme zippy. I want either that or the new MC zippy. :drool: Your DH has great taste! Oh and I have a Pomme cles and have it has held up great.
  7. yeah I agree with rileygirl the inside of my agenda is more scratched then the outside. To my surprise vernis is very durable. No problems with color transfer. I think you should get it!
  8. that's so sweet of your hubby! i own two pomme items and none have had transfer issues. so i think it's going to be a great treat for you! :smile:

    i was wondering though...does the heat and humidity in Hawaii do anything to the vernis? i'd had people tell me to keep it off hot leather seats etc. but not sure if there's any truth to the heat and vernis thing...so does anyone know?
  9. NAKOLULU, i asked this question too, but everyone said as long as you don't leave it in direct sunlight for hours and hours you should be okay!

    you should definitely get the zippy!! i didn't get mine like I was planning to as it was too much at the time! congrats! very sweet hubby!
  10. I agree with everyone else... get the Zippy!
  11. It seems like such a great size! My mom has a wallet in pretty much the exact same shape (but it isn't LV) and she loves hers. You can put so many cards, bills, and other things in it! I think you'll really like it!
  12. Pomme is very pretty!!!
  13. Go for the zippy! With the darker vernis colors, color transfer isn't really an issue.
  14. I've got the Pomme Zippy and it's my favorite wallet. You can fit everything in there. It is one of the most practical pieces LV has ever made. And with the darker color, color transfer isn't an issue.
  15. Even if colour does transfer, it will probably only show if the colour is very, very dark (maybe...like black printed in a magazine) for light colours we have to worry about the light grey marks too, not to mention yellowing. But those things shouldn't show up on the dark pomme colour!