pomme wallet

  1. It has been a while since pomme items are in the market. Those who own pomme wallet, any complain about this vernis item? Is it easily scratched, especially against bag zipper? Is the maintenance a pain?

    Your advice will help me to decide...Thanks!:flowers:
  2. To answer all of your questions, I have had no problems with my pomme ludlow in general and I have had none of the specific issues that you mentioned. I love using it!
  3. I haven't had any problems with my pomme pochette and cles {crossing fingers} ... and don't really do anything to maintain it, other than putting it back in it's dustbag when I use something else.
  4. I have the Pomme French Purse (8 CC slots) and I have been using for the past 4 months without any problems.
  5. I've had a pomme zippy wallet for almost a year, no scratches whatsoever, perfect condition. I'm careful with it, but I wouldn't say I "baby" it, I just try not to put anything in my purse with it that might scratch it. I use a 4 key holder for my keys so that being scratched by keys is not an issue. Hope that helps. I love pomme, it is one purchase I will never regret.
  6. Pomme is fine. I think worries are with lighter colors.
  7. No problems with pomme. I have the PTI wallet and I do nothing special to care for it. I use a purseket, so my pens etc stay in there. Its a stunning color-you won't regret getting it!
  8. No problems at all with Pomme. I have the PTI wallet, I do nothing special to care for it, I use a purseket, so my pens etc stay in there. Its a stunning color-you won't regret it!
  9. Yup, no prob with my pomme zippy. I love it :smile:
  10. I love my pomme zippy wallet & my pomme koala wallet. I switch depending on the size of purse I'm using. They both look STUNNING still and I got them on the release date. Unless you're unusually hard on your stuff I think you'll find that vernis is really durable.
  11. No problems with my wallet or Roxbury.
  12. I have the Pomme pochette wallet and love it!! NO problems at all with fading, scratching, color transfer, nothing at all!! Love it! You should go for it!!
  13. I have the Pomme French Purse with 4 cc slots. It's really pretty but I use my Amarante Koala more.
  14. Pomme is PERFECT vernis color for a wallet, IMHO. I've had a Pomme Ludlow for about 2 months and I have no scratches or marks on it, and it always looks AMAZING. :yes: I have an Amarante cles and although i luv it too there is the fingerprints issue (also the dust issue..when it gets dusty it is easily visible), which is why I didn't get a wallet in Amarante.

    i like to think of the issues with vernis colors as the same as colors on a car. if u get a very dark colored car, you will have issues like dust, smears, waterspots, etc showing up very easily. but if you get a car in white or in a very light color, dirt and grime will show up very easily. With an in-between color like red, the negative effects of either is minimized. :smile: Just my $0.02 :biggrin:
  15. I have the pomme pochette wallet and haven't had any problems. I spilled REALLY hot coffee on my pomme agenda and cleaned up with no damage.