pomme vernis koala or french purse

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  1. I would like a new wallet and would like to know any pros and cons to the vernis koala and french purse. Suggestions, opinions?
  2. I like the french purse more because I tend to accumulate a lot of change. I find the coin compartment on the koala is too small. I love the look of it though! I also love the clasp on the french purse!
  3. I have a mono koala and I love it. I say go for the Koala.
  4. i have both. french in brown epi and koala in vernis pomme...and i have lotta stuffs so i love koala way better. its def more useful!!!! hope you get a wallet you want soon!!!
  5. I prefer the koala ! :yes:

    You can't go wrong with either tho !
  6. I prefer the french purse(I have one in mono) but the pomme is absolutely gorgeous!! good luck in choosing
  7. i have a french purse - personally, it's overpriced for what's really there...but it is cute!
  8. I have both, but prefer the French Purse ... I just love the kiss lock coin compartment, and the newer ones now have 8 cc's vs. 4 with the older ones. Two things I like about the koala is the clear plastic window for photo and easier to get to the money (paper bills). But like ayla said, you can't go wrong with either! Good luck!
  9. I have both and like them for different reasons. For the FP I like how big the coin purse is. I actually hold cards in there and can fit about 6 of them. The coin section of the Koala is hard to access and only holds a few coins. For the Koala I like the little window pocket that it has and the bill section is easier to access than the bill section of the FP. My bills get lost in the deep bill section of the FP.

    Looks-wise I love the koala clasp. Here's a pic...