pomme vernis: french purse or pochette wallet?

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  1. french wallet now comes in 8 cc slots!

    which would you pick?
  2. eek wrong forum!
  3. I have the Pomme French Purse and the Mono Pochette. The mono pochette is more functional but the Pomme FP is beautiful.
  4. They are two differently shaped wallets. I would take a look at the bags you already have and see which would fit best. Personally, I like the look of the FP best, however, the Pochette Wallet (PW) is more functional. I am able to keep my cash flat (unfolded) in the PW, which I like. The main slot for bills in the FP is very deep and not accommodating for American bills, in my opinion.
  5. pomme pochette wallet...totally love it, have it in groom and it's sooo rooomy!
  6. I'm getting a pochette wallet because it's a more practical design - as mentioned above, it takes banknotes flat. The french wallet would only be more practical if you like very small bags that a 7" wallet won't fit into.
  7. i like the pochette wallet, that's the one I would choose because it seems that there is more room..
  8. pochette wallet! The color is so yum, and u don't need to fold the bills :yes:
  9. French Purse! I'm biased because I own one in Damier and I LOVE it. It's so easy to use.
  10. pochette gets my vote.
  11. i think the french purse is so much more elegant and ladylike. but functionality should come before looks...
  12. I like the look of the Pochette Wallet more. It seems a lot more functional as well.
  13. French purse.
  14. Pochette wallet!
  15. french purse is cuter but the pochette is more practical.