Pomme Vernis Cles & Ipod Nano Red!

  1. Aren't they perfect for each other?
  2. They do match! :p
  3. nice, congrats!
  4. :drool: Congrats on the goodies :yahoo:
  5. Delicious!
  6. Perfectly! I have the bigger Red nano

  7. congrats!
  8. WOW that looks great :smile: it makes me want to get the new nano AND the new cles for no good reason
  9. Notice that I haven't taken out the plastic wrap around the zipper yet - I'm contemplating returning this cles and wait to get the new one (it's not yet available in Australia). This cles fits my ipod nano but it doesn't fit anything else at the same time...

    Hmmmph what to do? what to do? :s
  10. perfect match..:graucho:
  11. They look super HOT together!!!

  12. Congrats .. I would return it and w/l for the new cles ... will your nano fit it???
  13. It's perfect, I love this combo!
  14. The nano fits into this normal cles but only JUST - I haven't seen the new cles in real life yet but I assume it will judging from pictures that I saw and from everyone here saying they're much more roomier.
  15. Congrats, the red colour of both are really striking and lovely! :heart: