Pomme Vanity..Is it worth it?

  1. The pomme vanity is beautiful!! I will be traveling the entire month of sept. and I would love to buy this piece but is it worth $1800??? I sold my LV suitcase because with the way the airline are with security knowadays I did not want to risk my bag to be checked. I kinda feel the same way with the cosmetic/tolitrey carryon as well! Any thoughts......
  2. Wouldn't you carry that on the plane?
    I gotta tell you, no matter what you're carrying, somebody out there is going to have to look inside & I'm fine with that- whatever it takes to keep my & fellow passengers safe.
  3. if you're going to be traveling a lot wouldn't it be knocked around quite a bit, regardless of how careful you are with it? i think the Pomme d'Amour Vanity Case is beautiful (although i prefer the Amarante :p), but it's not really very practical because it will get scuffed and scratched
  4. I love the way that the pomme case looks but I don't know how practical it is for airplane travel. If you can only bring one carry-on item, it should be your handbag and suitcase, IMO. I have a train case that is sort of like the pomme case and I only find it useful if I'm travelling by car because it's irritating to have to hold it by hand while lugging around suitcases and other luggage. JMO!
  5. Yeah I wouldn't want to use this one for airplanes. Car trips, maybe but the vanity case isn't really practical to be schlepping around the airport IMO.
  6. This is my crazy new obsession, not getting it till money is actually in piggybank, only $400 towards it,, haha, will be a while. I want Amarante. It is FREAKING to die for. Not sure if I would really travel with it, would def use it to store cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, etc etc at my house and maybe in my car, then again, maybe not even car material.

    It is def on my to die for list... Love pomme, but I would prefer the Amarante as stated above...
  7. I love it, but would use it only in a car...not to mention with the restrictions on liquids now on flights you most likely wouldn't be able to use it to its full potential.
  8. I would use it for car trips, not airplane.
  9. ^^ same here...and since I don't travel tons, I don't think it's worth it (for ME at least). But it is a beautiful piece!
  10. I Love the Pomme Vanity!
    I think it is worth it, But i don't know it looks alittle fragile and if i where to pick out some LV luggage it would be something i wouldnt have to worry about it getting ruined :yes:

  11. That's true. But you could also put your liquids in the ziplock bag, ipod, cellphone, etc as well as the chargers for these pieces as there are pockets inside. Not to mention that the piece has a strap on the back so that you could attach it to the handle of a rolled luggage piece.
  12. The vernis luggage pieces are very pretty, but I don't think they are practical for someone like myself, as I get stressed when I fly, and the last thing I want to worry about is scuffing up a gorgeous vanity case!
  13. I adore the pomme vanity case and I was also considering it, but I just couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to it and I feel as though that is inevitable since it is a travel piece. This is one of my favorite LV items out right now, I am obsessed with it, but it would break my heart to stratch or scuff it, just IMO.
  14. ^^ Me TOO!
  15. It is worth it if you will get alot of use out of it. I see it more for car travel than air travel as I wouldn't want to check it.