Pomme Roxbury or Epi Red Speedy


Please help choose between the two

  1. Roxbury in Pomme

  2. Epi Red Speedy

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  1. Over the weekend will be going to LV, i had planned on buying Roxbury but decided not to bcos of the figure prints.I bought a cles though.I need to choose between Epi Speedy 25 and Pomme Roxbury.I dont have a speedy in my collection i hate the sag but i've read Epi doesnt sag that much but need to know if its hard to get in and out of the speedy.
    Thanks in advance
  2. pomme roxbury gets my vote...it is so unique
  3. ^^^I second the notion!
  4. pomme rox!
    (not a big fan of red speedies, and i love that rox)
  5. Lydia, You need a Speedy! I love the Roxbury though (you know that from all my recent postings!). I own the Damier Speedy 25 and use a medium purseket with it and the purseket causes it not to sag at all---the bag looks gorgeous and perfectly formed all the time (and not to mention is incredibly organized!). I see that you have a Priscilla...I too have a Priscilla and when you ask if the Speedy 25 is hard to get in and out of--I would say "no" not compared to the Priscilla (you know what I mean!).
  6. The Roxbury in pomme is goooooorgeous!! I really really love it and if I had the extra money I'd go buy her immediately!

    The epi speedy 25 is hard to get in and out of because of the small opening, you'd be better off with the 30 which is really chic in red!
  7. pomme gets my vote
  8. I Love The 30 Speedy Epi But The 25 Is Too Small.
    I Think The Pomme Is Awesome In The Roxbury-as Others Have Stated, So Versatile.
  9. I have the red Epi 25 and I love it. I like the pockets on the inside, the color, and it is so comfortable in the hand.
  10. I am for the red epi speedy ..
  11. Thank you everyone for ur opinions.I appreciate it
  12. I voted for the red speedy
  13. I vote for red speedy too.
  14. I have the black speedy 25 and have to say that I find it a bit hard to get in and out of it-how about a 30? But it will still sag a bit (which I like but which can be eaasily avoided when putting something like a mag on the bottom).
    Am not a fan of the roxbury (might be one of very few people who do not like it...) so would vote for the speedy!
  15. I love the Roxbury. I'm thinking of making it my next purchase. It gets my vote.