Pomme Roxbury or Black Epi Lockit

  1. I plan to buy a new bag next week and there are 2 bags high up on my wishlist -- the Pomme Roxbury Drive and the Black Epi Lockit. Which one should I buy first? :confused1:
  2. I say the Lockit just because I think you will find more opportunities to use it...very simple and elegant..and it fits so much!

    However, if you need more of a "special occasion" bag, then go for the Roxbury!
  3. pomme roxy and that color is going to be hard to find.
  4. Black lockit! I love the lockit in epi!
  5. another black epi lockit vote here! This bag is simply gorgeous, very classy!
  6. I vote for Pomme Rox :tup: I personally not too kee Epi Black.
  7. I love the Epi Lockit in black -- simple, classic, and lovely!
  8. black epi lockit
  9. Black Epi Lockit! :tup:
  10. pomme roxbury...when given the choice, I always go for pomme!
  11. Black Epi Lockit! I have sold my Roxy after using it twice because I don't like the top with the "bottoms".
  12. Black Epi = CLASSIC
  13. I like the rox better its cuter! Get it!
  14. I love both bags and lines to death... however like Bag Fetish stated, the Pomme Roxbury is going to be a little harder to find, so I'd get that first.
  15. Black lockit!