Pomme Roxbury....1st time to wear her...

  1. Well finally...the weather has warmed up.....the sky was blue. The Pomme Roxbury came out to play! I got sooooooooo many compliments on it....on the shape and the color. It was very eye catching.
    I have to say....this bag has received more compliments that any other bag!
  2. Aww congrats! It's such a pretty bag :yes:
  3. Roxy is Foxy in Pomme...you rock it twigs...pics please
  4. I was like a kid in a candy store today...just itching to take her out!
    Thanks Rebecca :smile:
  5. Yes I got compliments and many stares when I used her last week.

  6. I don't have pics handy....but I had posted them like a month ago when I first got her (I put them in the visual aids thread too). It is such a foxy purse!
  7. That's awesome, Twiggs!! That bag is so pretty. Now I can't stop thinking about this bag!
  8. Yay for the Roxbury... glad you had a good time!
  9. glad you had a good outing with your roxburry, twiggers!!! this is definitely on my try-on list next time I get into a boutique (not for awhile :sad: )
  10. Congrats Twigs, such a gorgeous bag to sport!
  11. Congrats, Twiggers. Glad you love your Roxbury.
  12. Thanks all! Hubby thinks I'm weird that I get excited about wearing a bag....only you guys would understand!
  13. YAY! im glad you got use out of it!
  14. Aww, that's nice twiggers. It is a beautiful bag:love:
  15. congrats! it's indeed a beautiful bag:biggrin: