Pomme Rosewood or Roxbury???

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  1. I've decided that my next purchase will be a vernis pomme. I went to the store today and can't decide between the Rosewood and Roxbury. Help please!!!
  2. Roxbury! Have it, love it! I recently travelled with it and found it quite roomy!
  3. Roxbury, the bag is just devine in pomme
  4. my vote's for the roxbury too :smile: I like that you can take the strap off if you want
  5. Roxbury. I love that the strap is detachable and its handheld too.
  6. I'm a bigger fan of the Roxbury. Good luck with the decision! ;)
  7. well i guess i'm in the minority here, but i :heart: my Rosewood. :smile: I was choosing between the same two in amarante and chose the Rosewood. I wasn't too fond of the snaps on the Roxbury, and the Rosewood holds more than the Rox IMO. Plus, I realized I just liked the shape a lot. And that little pocket on the outside is useful ( i put my cell phone in it, so v. easy & quick access).
  8. The ROXBURY is gorgeous and tdf in pomme! I'm thinking of getting that myself. Good luck and let us know which you choose.
  9. I have the Rosewood in Amarante and the Rox in Pomme. Sweetneets's assessment is pretty accurate. The Rosewood holds a little more and the zipper stays closed whereas the Rox's snaps sometimes opens or has a hard time staying closed if you stuff your bag. I also love the outside pocket on the Rosewood--I put my cell in there. All that being said I think the ROx is more sexy and sassy and the Rosewood more elegant. You can't go wrong with either bag.
  10. Roxbury!
  11. ROXBURY:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  12. Roxbury, seems roomier.
  13. I like the Roxbury better, but the Rosewood is really cute too! Like others have said, you cant go wrong with either!:smile:
  14. Hmm, majority goes for Roxbury. I plan to buy it as a Christmas treat for myself. Thanks guys!
  15. i love rosewood for the zipped closure