Pomme Reade-- too young?

  1. Hi all,

    It's been awhile since I've posted in here... so many new names :nuts: !

    I bought a pomme reade yesterday and I'm having second thoughts as I'm wondering if the bag is meant for younger girls-- I'm soon to be 40. :sad: What are your thoughts? Do any of you have this one and do you love it??
  2. I will be 35 soon and I just bought a Reade. I really like it nice bag that can be casual or dressy. I personally carry my bronze with browns and jeans. I would like to get more in different colors, perhaps a bronze or pearle as well as a pomme.
  3. No way, my mom has some vernis bags and she carries them well (she's in her 50's). I think it's perfect, everyone needs some spice in their bag collection.
  4. Hi! I have a reade pm, and I'm 22 (still kinda young :sweatdrop:), but I don't think it's a young looking bag...you can try the darker colors, which I find very sophisticated and mature looking. It's just really tiny. I notice that older women tend to carry large bags, and a couple I know personally avoid tiny bags...my aunt thinks the reade is a nice bag, but it's just too small.

    LV doesn't have an age limit, but it's how you feel about carrying the bag. :yes:

    Edit: oops, my bad, I got confused with the first comment. You're getting the pomme...nice choice!!!
  5. Yeah-- it is tiny and that's probably what makes me think young?
  6. I think that if you like it wear it!
  7. That's the only thing I can really think of...if you can minimize how much you carry, I really don't see why you shouldn't get the reade. :yes:
  8. I was wanting a smaller bag that I could carry on the weekends and to dinner... (but not too dressy)
  9. ^^ Then it'd be perfect!
  10. ^^^Yes, perfect for those occasions when you don't need to carry your house with you. I like the fact that it forces me to minimalize.
  11. No, it is not too young for you. I saw someong in her early 50s wearing a Pomme Houston the other day and she looked absolutely gorgous with that color.
  12. I carry my pomme reade when I just quickly run out and need just a few items. I love it!
  13. ^^^ yeah- that's what I was thinking...
  14. I'd say absolutely perfect for such an occasion, no matter how old you are :yes:
  15. IMO, You are never too old or young to be fashionable (weather its shoes, clothing, or bags :yes:)