pomme questions!

  1. hello! i just got the pomme keyholder and pomme folding wallet yesterday, but was wondering if it's okay to just keep in my bag w/o the dustbag? did you guys notice any color transfers or scratches by just keeping it out? how durable is the vernis line? thanks so much for keeping a vernie newcomer up to date :smile:
  2. I don't have any vernis pieces yet, but my mom does and she handles hers quite roughly and there not scratched up!
  3. I keep all of my vernis pieces thrown into my bag with all of my other things. I've noticed scratches on my Framboise agenda but the Pomme things (French Purse, cles, key holder) seem to be okay. I've since bought a Lesportsac pouch for my agenda and wallet but don't always put them in it.
  4. O have a Pearle Zippy and I just throw it into my bag and dont even handle it with care when I take it out to pay for something. So far, no scratches. And Ive used it for quite some time already.
  5. Congrats! I think pomme will be fine since it is a darker and newer vernis color, it's more durable than you think. ;)
  6. I've had a pomme zippy for a few months now and so far no scratches, I just toss it in my bag with whatever, and so far so good!
  7. I don't regularly use any Vernis pieces at the moment but I did use my fuchsia Pochette Wallet for more than a year. It's still gorgeous, no scratches at all!
  8. I use my Pomme Zippy everyday. I just throw it into my bag. I don't have any scratches or color transfer. It still looks brand new.
  9. ive heard some of both
  10. Thanks for this thread! I'm planning on purchasing a couple pieces in pomme and was wondering the same stuff. These answers are very encouraging... :graucho: