Pomme Overload

  1. OK, well we just got our camera back from warranty repair, so this is the first chance I've had to post this.

    I went to my SA in late November inquiring about the red vernis that was coming out and she said..."no, no new red." But, finally in December, she admitted that the Pomme was coming, but that she hadn't known that Pomme was red. I put these on reserve and picked them up on January 1. However they just looked SO right for Valentines Day that I told myself that I wasn't going to break them out until Feb. 14th. Well I kept that vow for the purse, but I broke out the koala and the zippy about a week before. They just look stunning in whatevery purse they're in, especially Damier.

    Anyway, thanks for looking at my Pomme indulgences. I also got the Pomme Valentines keychain, but I figured that would be too much for one day..:shame:

    As you can probably tell, I just LOVE this color!
    web Pomme.JPG web pomme4.JPG
  2. Aw, the pic is tiny... But congrats on your new goodies, that's a lot of red :love:
  3. Wow!!!! Fabulous!!! the brentwood Zippy Koala and heart!!!! whoa!

    I have framboise brentwood and zippy, and maybe I should copy you and get the framboise koala.... too cool!!!!

    I LOVE them! Wear them in good health queenmab! You SO DESERVE those gorgeous hot gals!
  4. Thanks guys, I got a larger pict to upload.

    Veronika, I bet the framboise brentwood is fantastic. I've been trying to decide on a framboise bag before the color disappears, and that may be it, even though I have it in Pomme. Maybe I can copy you?
  5. Oh MY..Gorgeous!!!congrats!!!
  6. I love everything you have right there. Pomme is such a lovely color.
  7. Wonderful!! Enjoy. My pomme is "on the truck for delivery" today and I am so excited. :yes:
  8. Congrats on your new goodies!! :love:
  9. Thanks, what are you getting?
  10. Very nice! You have such great self control....I wouldn't have been able to wait! :graucho:
  11. Gorgeous!!! Congratulations!
  12. love your brentwood! it is so cute!
  13. lovely!
  14. Your bag looks so great wit that scarf!!!!
  15. Beautiful! I love the Pomme!