pomme or framboise? for the flat pouch??

  1. I called to be on the list, dont know if they'll give me one though :sad:

    anyway, does the pomme look red or is it a dark hot pink? or better yet can anyone post a side by side pic of the colors? thanks!
  2. I have the pomme d'amour. It's really dark red. VEry delicious. Just like Snow White's red red apple! It's definately not dar hot pink.
  3. The pomme is really gorgeous and rich.
  4. I saw both and thought that the pomme was really stunning:heart:
  5. young-princess---look through old threads or the vernis club and you'll see plenty of pics of the two colors.
    both are lovely--one is a true pink and one is a deep red--very different!
    good luck!
  6. The pomme for sure it is such a gorgeous color!
  7. ^^I agree with Michelle. One is a deep red and the other is a true pink like raspberry. If you search the threads there are many proud owners of the pomme d'amour already. Good luck!
  8. pomme :smile:
  9. I like the Pomme better. :smile:
  10. Pomme is such a great new vibrant colour I´d propably go with that. Framboise is gorgeous too.
  11. pommmeee
  12. definitely the pomme!
  13. ok well i keep trying to upload comparison shots but its not working. i say not necessarily pomme, i have both, the pomme is gorgeous but it shows fingerprints really easily that kind of annoys me, the framoise is beautiful, ok i'll keep trying to do pictures
  14. Pomme for sure!
  15. Pomme!