Pomme or Amarante Rosewood???


Apr 28, 2008
Just got back from trip to Paris & gotten myself the Vernis Rosewood in Pomme... Was actually intending to get amarante but DH says that Pomme is more outstanding, so i went ahead with the Pomme.. And now i am back home, i am wondering if Pomme will be difficult to match since its red... Am having thoughts if i should change it to Amarante at my local LV... But i kinda like Pomme too...
What should i do?? Heck with the matching & stick with Pomme or shld i just change it to Amarante??? Help....

P/S : i try n post some pics of myself later with Pomme & Amarante rosewood... I hv both colors now with me cause i helped my friend purchased the amarante one... :biggrin: