Pomme or Amarante Rosewood...


Rosewood : Amarante or Pomme ?

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  2. Pomme

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  1. Hi all, as you would probably know I have recently purchased the Rosewood in Pomme color.. should I exchange it for Amarante instead? Frankly I personally prefer Pomme but the Amarante is also nice as well.. So just wana see the votes here before I start to unwrap this baby for usage...;)
  2. I have an Amarante Rosewood and a Pomme Rox. For me the Amarante is more versatile. If you have a wardrobe that goes with the Pomme then keep it.

    BTW, I haven't had problems with fingerprint issue on my Rosewood. Not sure if it's the style of the bag or what but I've used the bag about 5 times and only one smudge at the top of the bag. I've been using it on myshoulder and my arm.

    Have fun with which ever color you choose!!