pomme or amarante (for my foxy roxy)?


which color is the best for a natural blonde?

  1. pomme roxbury drive

  2. amarante roxbury drive

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. put in your votes and please tell me why... thanks everyone and happy valentine's day!
  2. Pomme.
  3. amarante! I love it!
  4. pomme!
  5. pomme !!!
  6. I voted Pomme ... because it's HOT in the roxy!
  7. Love them both, but mine is amarante, so I have to vote for that one.
  8. The red is a bit flashy to wear often so I vote for the amarante. It's more neutral.
  9. I honestly love them both but voted for pomme...only because I think the fingerprints on the amarante would drive me nuts.
  10. ditto!
  11. I love the amarante! The black with a cherry undertone makes it neutral. You can wear it with jeans or an evening out. For me, the pomme is a bit too much. Although I'd definately use pomme as an accessory.
  12. Goodness... this is a hard one! Both colors are absolutely my favorite!!
  13. Pomme.....the fingerprints on the amarante drive me crazy!!!
  14. Pomme!!! I just got a Pomme Rosewood and I love the Pomme color so much I had to get a matching Pomme Cles.
  15. I love the pomme, it just looks good enough to eat, like a candied apple!