Pomme obsessed


Which should I get?

  1. Roxbury

  2. Houston

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  1. I am obsessed with Pomme! I have a pochette wallet, envelope plate and cles. I wish I had gotten a bag to go with it. I called 866 and they indicated that my local boutique has the Roxbury and Houston, the two bags I was obsessing over.

    Which would you choose and why?
  2. Roxbury cuz there's less red.....
  3. I have the Houston and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! :love: It fits everything I need to carry, and it looks really great too! Good luck and have fun deciding! Maybe you should go to the boutique and try both of them on and see which is the better fit? Keep us posted!
  4. I LOVE the roxbury, i saw a lady with it at a mall a few weeks ago and i have been obsessing about it ever since!:drool:
  5. roxbury. such a cutie pie munchkin less common bag.
  6. I have tried them both when they first came out. The problem is - I LOVED BOTH!...lol. I tried to do a search of modeling pics of the Houston, but could not find one as I can't recall how large this bag is. Although I know the dimensions, I prefer visual. I saw Jane's Roxbury - it looks great! I'm afraid if I "try" them both on, I'd walk out with both!!!
  7. Roxbury :smile:
  8. I voted for Houston. I lurve that bag in Pomme.......so pretty.
  9. I don't like shape of Roxbury:shrugs: just MO...Get Houston!
  10. Houston!!!!!!!!
  11. Houston! Classic shape and a practical tote that can be used for casual evening outting.
  12. Houston because it is fabulous!
  13. I love the Houston! I really like that clean tote shape!
  14. Roxbury! I love the shape!
  15. Houston!! It's such a great bag and sooo gorgeous in Pomme!