Pomme nail polish

  1. Several ladies have posted pics of beautifully manicured nails set against their pomme d'amour bags and accessories. What shade of polish is the closest match for pomme? It seems so fitting for Valentine's day! Thanks!!!
  2. I use a color by Maybeline Express Finish called Racing Rubies, it's also my eBay id bec. it's my signature color, racing_rubies is my id. I think it bears a striking resemblance to the Pomme color. It's a dark frosted red, not too icky frosty though, velvetty frosty.
  3. I got my nails done with Essie's Fishnet Stockings and it's pretty close!
  4. i'm not really a waitress by opi. (one of my all time faves) i *believe* there's a photo of twinkle tink with her agenda & nails done- and it's i'm not really a waitress.
  5. I love the names of both those colors you guys mentioned, fishnet stockings and I'm not really a waitress, hysterical.
  6. I love opi names they crack me up. affair in time square could contrast with the pearl vernis... just an idea?
  7. :yes: :yes: Here it is :smile:


    OPI, I'm not really a waitress :smile: Just had them done in that color again :smile:
  8. Oh yeah!!!! That's the one. What a great name! Thanks!
  9. I have that Opi color somewhere! I think.... I hope I still have it anyway! It has the teeniest hint of glitter, just like the vernis.
  10. The day my SA surprised me with the pomme agenda l was wearing a colour called aspen by nails inc and it was a perfect match.
  11. Twinkle tink, I love your nails!
  12. Thanks
  13. OMG...you're nails, the ring, and purse...can't say what is prettier. I love that Opi "waitress" color have used it of several years.
  14. Gosh, the colors match so well!!
  15. Rockstar from MAC is really close too.. also *****es Brew from Lippman is close.. Luv Not Really a Waitress with the Pomme too.