Pomme Koala wallet or Nomade Koala wallet?


Pomme or Nomade?

  1. Pomme D'amour Koala Wallet

  2. Nomade Koalla wallet

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  1. I'm considering getting my first LV wallet and I already have a Pomme Roxbury Drive. Which do you prefer?
  2. hi arnott! *waving hand* lol, between the two, I'd go w/Pomme Koala since Nomade is very delicate, almost like Miroir, not a good idea for wallet IMO unless u don't care about scuff or being super careful. What about Perle koala wallet to give it a contrast? Either way, have fun choosing Ur wallet and share the pix when you get it!
  3. LOL @ you waving! :roflmfao: *Waves back* :p But I thought vernis was high maintenance! Do you think the nomade wallet will still look good with scratches?
  4. I'd get the pomme.. vernis CAN be delicate, but that's mostly for colours that are lighter, pomme is dark enough that I don't think you have to be as careful (e.g. with perle, marshmallow etc.).. and unless you're in the habit of keeping newpapers in your bag, you should be good ! :yes:

    And it'd look fab with your roxbury !
  5. it's up to you, some pp think each scuff/mark gives it unique history, yet others like the 'virgin' nomade look, so it's really up to you :smile:
  6. Pomme! Nomade seems terribly delicate for a wallet- can't imagine it rolling around the bottom on a bag with the rest of it's contents :push:
  7. My, what beady protruding eyes your hamster has! :roflmfao:

    :yucky: @ the thought of keeping newspapers in any bag!
  8. Pomme
  9. I'd like to see what a nomade piece looks like when its all scratched/scuffed up! Just to see how it ages!
  10. I vote for nomade as it is stunning and through usage will add character to it...I looked at that one today and it is stunning:love:
  11. oh boy, i personally like the virgin nomade look, my aunt returned her B-day gift, Nomade Lockit, b/c it's too delicate for her taste also. "personalized' nomade....hummm, think about dirty vachetta? lol jk, it's two different thing, i know. perhaps search around this forum?
  12. All the better to look at you with my dear. :graucho::graucho:
  13. I have the Pomme koala and I absolutely love it! At first I wasn't sure tho. I thought about exchanging it for the french wallet, but decided to keep it and I'm so glad I did! It makes me soooo happy everytime I reach in my bag for it. I'm probably still babying it a bit since it's fairly new, but it seems like it will hold up well. I get tons of compliments too!
  14. pomme koala!!! lovely, lovely wallet.
  15. looool thank u for making me laugh while reading all lovely fun comments!! i vote pomme!! its a fresh color! go on!! have fun with it!! we only live once!! <<thats what made me get away with so many delicate stuff!! looool :roflmfao: