Pomme Hearts Available!!

  1. very strange, I called 866 and they show no record of any being available.

    I was able to add all 3 colors to my cart but I'm not about to buy them as I already have the pomme.

    very weird. For those that order them, let us know if the orders get fulfilled or canceled.

  2. OMG!!! I just ordered the GOLD! (Did I really?!?!?!!?!?)
  3. By any chance does anyone know if the hearts can fight an id card/credit card?
  4. ^^no fighting here :boxing:...........j/k, but seriously, no it cannot fit an id or cc.
  5. ahhh, the cosmetics pouches are available too!
  6. aahahhaah ops ahahahha sorry about the spelling! :] thank you!
  7. all vernis colors are available on the lv website as of right now
  8. Oh geez, I had no idea the cosmetic pouches where available too! I wonder if they really are or they get cancelled later. Maybe they found some in a back room somewhere?? :shrugs:
  9. wow...I wish I could think of a practical use for a heart...quick!
  10. I know! I already tried to convince dh...he wasn't falling for it. :crybaby:
  11. I couldn't justify the gold heart AND the cosmetic case.:shocked:
  12. Is the violette heart available too, becasue when I clicked on the violette color, it says its not available online??
  13. I really want one, but to me, it's not really a practical thing to have. Just a really cute bag decoration.
  14. That's what dh told me...plus I did just buy a cles for that same purpose. But the heart is just so much cuter!