Pomme Heart, Keep or return?

  1. So last night I went to LV to collect my Pomme D'amour goodies, got the:heart: purse, key chain and the inclusion (GM) bangle.

    After being really excited for the week since seeing them and having to leave them instore I now dont know if I should keep the purse.
    The chain makes it hard to hang from bag (too long) without screwing the charms around it, what do you others that have collected yours think?
  2. I would probably only use the pomme heart as a change purse. I think it's too big for on a bag. Could you use it inside your bag as a change purse?
  3. I would keep the heart for bigger bags :smile:
  4. I would keep it.
  5. Keep it!
  6. I think it would be cute to attach to the d ring of your bags and use it for change.
  7. I would keep it ... the first time LV has ever produced a heart item;)
  8. if you attach it inside to the d ring and let it hang over the side, does that help it not be too long?
    i agree it's best for the larger bags too.
  9. Keep it. You could always do what the others suggested. Maybe you should loop it through both handle hardware so the heart would hang like a necklace. You might be sad if you return it. It's really adorable. Won't you reconsider?
  10. I would keep the heart...you could always sell it later for a profit if you aren't going to use it. I also think it's too big to hang off most of the bags....just looks kind of cheap that way. On a large tote it would be cute, though!
  11. Keep it!
  12. oh, i am all about keeping that little sucker and you know it!

    how do you want to use it?

    i think it is adorable as a bag charm!
    one girl wrapped the chain around the speedy hardware twice to shorten the drop. give it a shot!

    what keychain did you get? or is that the heart?

  13. Deffo too long on my Roxbury but thinking might look good on my Azur pamp in summer, just seems a shame to hide it in bag as it is gorgeous.
  14. definantely keep it, you will regret returning it!

  15. Hehe yes I know your all for this one!

    I got the charms key holder in pomme, hubby wanted me to exchange for pearl to hang off Roxbury but I really love this in Pomme.

    The inclusion bangle is stunning in this colour (got the large one)
    overall chuffed to bits as got the only one of each item the store had delivered thanks to my great SA.