Pomme Heart is coming again !!

  1. This is a gd news for those who missed out on the pomme heart last year. I saw the list of new hearts with my SA today .. it confirmed that they are reissuing the Pomme Heart along with The new issues of Amarante Heart, Viloette (Sp??) and the Mirrors.. on the 11th Jan

    There are a couple pretty interesting bags.. !! Oh by the way for those who are waiting for the Berkely it is coming out on Jan 1st or 11th .
  2. the charms are different on the new one it's a mini lock & key from what I understand
  3. Does that mean there is a chance that it hangs differently from a bag? I always found it a bit sad that it hangs upside-down? Hope I explained it understandably...
  4. Em .. that would be cute. we cant really see it clearly as the pic is sooooo tiny.. !! Em.. I am wondering .. if I should pass on this cos I already have 2 hearts .. !
  5. That sounds adorable! Then you can give someone your heart and the key to it along with it!!!:heart: I'm definetly getting two this year, one miroir and a charmed one.

  6. No it should make any difference to how the heart hangs the charms are attatched to the hooky part of the chain it's the position on the D ring that affects how is hangs the side of the purse is the only straight part to allow the sticth the D ring to so it's always going to hang on the side
  7. I waitlisted for the pomme and silver. I went Wed. night and no one knew what I was talking about. The manager had no clue. She said last years was released around Valentines day. I made them take my info. credit card and all. I guess I'm first on the list (which I don't think officially exists yet) but it amazes me that they know nothing about it. I also waitlisted for the cosmetic bag...in gold. Which they also knew nothing about...lol
  8. Thanks for the info, Label Addict!
    I would love to get a pomme heart, seems to be my second chance;)
  9. I hope so, I so want one :sweatdrop:
  10. Fantastic news! I love the heart! I just visited the store today and also "made" a SA take down my details when the hearts arrive in the store. But it was just on some paper but I shall mark January 11th on my diary! She's aware of a gold and silver one but not the vernis one. Strange, but I think most of the SA's think I'm crazy! 2nd chance to get it! I won't be missing out!
  11. oooh....the violette heart sounds yummy !!!!!
  12. If nothing else I am highly anticipating the arrival of the violette color.
  13. Sorry I'm so far behind. Anybodycan tell me how much it cost???
  14. It was listed for $375 but that'll probably change with the price increase.:sad:
  15. Shopalicious, do you know how much the hearts will be in HK? Can you waitlist in HK yet?