Pomme Giveaway....

  1. Hi all,

    Did ya think you were getting a pomme coeur? LOL j/k

    Anyhow...my SA was a doll and sent my a bunch of Valentine's/Pomme catalogs, and I have an extra one because hubby doesn't want it (go figure).

    So I figured I'd spread the love with my friends at tPF.

    Crisp and fresh (the occasionall fingerprint on the glossy cover from me pulling it out of envelope)....here's some pics (giveaway details to follow pics)




    Giveaway details:

    I will randomly draw a name next Friday evening at 9 PM eastern US time.
    I will pay for postage anywhere in the world (it will be shipped regular class mail in a hard envelope to protect it).
    I will announce winner in this thread and will PM winner for shipping details.

    Good luck all :heart:
  2. Aaaw, twiggers... that's such a nice idea!

    edit to say: I have one already, so feel free to leave me out as well :smile:
  3. Twiggers that is so sweet! (I have one already so feel free to leave me out)
  4. so when do I get mi pomme???
    do u collect catalogs??
  5. Thanks! I figure I don't need it and I'm sure there are members out there who may be having a hard time finding one!

  6. LOL.....I do collect the catalogs! As soon as they came out I rang up my SA and he sent me 3 :smile:
  7. That's so sweet! The last time that I was I was in LV, they didn't have any of these in!
  8. very sweet twiggers! thanks!
  9. No problem colleen!
    So colleen and Antonio...you both want in the giveaway?

    I guess I should have specified to say something like "count me in" or something to that effect! LOL
  10. lol!! Count me in! :yes:
  11. ooh you're so nice! count me in if that's ok! that's so pretty!
  12. aww that is so sweet! add me into the drawing please - I never had a LV catalog before!!! :smile:
  13. Oh count me in please, lovely idea. I do collect the catalogues & I asked in my store & they said LV were not doing any more catalogues just the website :wtf: Thanks so much for this opportunity! :smile:
  14. count me in
    I have the feeling u will be great on the giveaway starting next month :graucho:
  15. count me in too! and thanks for the pics!