pomme french purse problems...anyone?

  1. i received my french purse yesterday but was disappointed by the shape of it. it isn't precisely rectangle in that it is stitched in a lopsided manner and for almost $700 that wallet should be perfect, don't you agree? also the monogram is slightly misaligned.

    has anyone noticed their pomme french purse, or any color for that matter, to have flaws?

    i've exchanged and/or returned every single item i've ordered from elux (i'm not exaggerating), so i'm starting to feel embarrassed when i call to complain about a defective item. why do they keep sending me second rate LV materials! will elux tire of my picky-ness and tell me not to shop w/ them anymore? has this ever happened to anyone?

    Is the french purse totally defected, no, but the fact of the matter is we pay a high price for LV because we expect a superior level of quality, craftsmanship, and service. if either one of these is lacking then i should be able to return or exchange the item, right?

    thanks for listening. love to all.
  2. Wow. I'm sorry you received such an imperfect piece. I ordered a pomme FP from eLux last month and have been using it everyday for the last two weeks. The monogramming is off by just a hair. But, I figured if I barely notice, no one else will. Other than that, everything else is fine.
  3. I just purchased a used Pomme french purse off of eBay and checked it. I can't find any flaws. But then again I'm notorious for missing things. Can you post a pic. so I can check to see what you mean. For all I know mine could possibly be off too.
  4. Yes can you please post a pic? Thanks in advance