Pomme French Purse on its way

  1. Ohh, it's a doozy. Ever refresh eLux so much that the "need assistance" box appears on your screen? I have been frantically searching for the Pomme D'Amour FP with 8 cc for the last few weeks. So, this morning I checked eLux again and WHAM, it's there. Apparently, it was the last one because I tried to have it appear in my shopping cart on two screens (one using Mr. Rebates and the other not), but could not. I released it from one cart to put it in the other. At first I had clicked "buy now" without opening my Mr. Rebates account on the first screen, then remembered the excellent Mr. Rebates with the sassy 5% rebate!

    When this bad boy arrives, I shall post pix galore! Had to share.

    For those of you with this wallet, what are your thoughts on its usefulness?
  2. Congrats, I have been seaching as well glad a PFer got it!!

    Question on Mr. Rebates though, have you been paid out by them at all? I usually use Lucky Rewards or ****** but they are only 3% back right and that additional 2% makes a huge difference with large purchases.

    Looking forward to pics. of your new beauty!
  3. Yes, I've received payments a bunch of times since I've been using Mr. Rebates for over a year now. I believe they send you the money after you've accumulated $25 in rebates. The money is sent to my PayPal account.
    The percentage fluctuates throughout the year. Most times it's set at 3% but right now it's at 5%.