Pomme Fakes??

  1. Have they started making fakes already? There's been a couple of these by this woman in the last week but she has an unbeliveable rating and I don't really think her stuff is fake, but I didn't know?? Opinions?
  2. Are you talking about the heart coin purses posted on eBay?
  3. Not that I know of..
  4. yes. i have seen a fake pomme d'amour roxbury. and i have to say, if i didn't know better, it looked good. like, really good. someone who doesn't know LV wouldn't have known the difference :sad:
  5. I haven't seen any on eBay yet.
  6. Where did you see this? The vernis is one line that they haven't quite perfected yet, especially in this brand new color so it's kind of surprising to hear this.
  7. Pics anyone?
  8. I haven't seen any yet either - the current auctions on eBay look legit to me.
  9. what??? really?? any pics???
  10. Sadly I've seen one already in the wallet. It's a client of mine. We went for a business lunch and I took out my Framboise French Purse to pay, and she was taking her business card out from a FAKE Pomme wallet (which was not shiny, and the monogram were tiny). She exclaimed, "Oh, we have the same wallet!" I looked at her and said politely, "I don't think so." She said, "duh, silly me, the colours are different." I pretended to signal for the bill, and she went on to say, "LV's quality don't last, I just got this and it's already falling apart." Suffice to say my lunch almost lurched to the ground.
  11. Any pics of the actual fake Vernis in Pomme???
  12. i used to work at a restaurant (not any more as of about a week and a half ago) and one saturday night a woman walked in with it. at first it was far away so i couldn't see it very well but was like :wtf: and as i got up close, it just didn't look quite right. the vernis looked nice, but something about the vachetta. at the time, i had not seen a roxbury in person much less a pomme, so i said to her, "oh is that the new pomme d'amour color?" just to see what her reaction would be and she says "yes, it's the new red color, but i can't take credit for it because i got it off a knock-off site on the internet." i knew once i got up close it was fake but i wanted to ask about the color to see if they had started making fake pommes, i was not expecting her response. immediately i was like :yucky: :sick:
  13. :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: :yucky: I would have "accidentally" spilled wine on her fake wallet.
  14. Or threw up on her fake wallet, telling her, "You make me sick!":yes:
  15. :roflmfao: