Pomme fakes already??

  1. What makes you think her stuff is fake?

    This Pomme wallet is real.
  2. Yeah that wallet is real.
  3. Weren't some of the regular Pomme pieces available to start selling on 1/1? I thought that's what they told me at the Scottsdale store. But not the Valentine LE's. Those started today. Still waiting to find out if I got lucky!

  4. I know the one on her site is real, but since she's sold like 4 in the past 2 weeks, and well below cost, I was wondering why??? And when you actually received the wallet, would that one be real? Why would someone buy several real ones and then sell them at a loss? Just confused.
  5. Hmm.... Suspicious :weird:
  6. maybe she changed her mind past the 14 day return period and didn't want to exchange it for anything else?
  7. Maybe she is buying them abroad for less and selling them here. If I'm looking at the right wallet, it looks like it's only 405 Euros in France, which would be $525 in US. So at $555 she'd still be making a profit. Just a thought...
  8. i have been watching her auctions, for myself. the items have been going a little under what they should be. but her items look authentic and i will take a deal if i can get one!

    more lv please has a good idea. in light of current currency threads, we can all see how that is a feasible plan.
  9. The wallet looks authentic to me. I think it is very irresponsible to say something is fake when you are not absolutely certain. Like someone posted earlier, maybe they rec'd the items in a different country for cheaper and are selling them to make a little money. But after paypal and eBay fees, I don't think they will make much of a profit. Also, I don't know how much the seller paid for the item.

    I say if someone is willing to give a deal on an authentic LV, go for it.
  10. 405 Euros is the price in Paris (incl. tax) and don't forget that she would get a VAT refund if she bought them in Paris and brought them home. In that case the profit wouldn't be all that small....
  11. I asked her why she was selling for less a couple of days ago and I never heard back. I believe she is a respected seller though. I almost bought that wallet from her but bought a Hermes one instead. In the Pomme I would prefer a Koala wallet.
  12. the pics of the wallet are authentic, however looking through her selling history it does show the wallet was relisted 2-3 times and it was also sold with best offeres and BIN's over 3-4 times. which is interesting, maybe she has some sort of hookup? who knows.
  13. Well I don't think everything is kosher there imho. I asked her why she would have so many of these wallets so much lower than retail, her answer was she has a very large LV credit??? Anyway when I told her I was gonna purchase it she said if I purchased it "off eBay" then I could save on shipping. Didn't matter to her either way. Then when I told her my sister was a lawyer so I better do everything on the up and up she was like ok. No problem . Then I said are you going to post the BIN and she said her dh wanted her to get dinner first and she'd get back to me. And not to worry if the one listed sold. She had one more left. So far nadda. And maybe they aren't fake. But I've been seeing too many reports about thieves using eBay as their fence.

    I come to this forum for great advise. I've learned so much from all of you. I just have a feeling that something isn't right with this picture and maybe I'm wrong. But if I'm not, and I didn't share my concerns with you all, I wouldn't feel right.
  14. The seller is at least recommended by the girls in the Hermès subforum and on their reputable ebay seller list.