Pomme de amour

  1. Does anybody know how much longer they are going to make this color before it is discontinued?
  2. I am not sure, have you tried calling 866? They may have this info, in the meantime though, bump! Hopefully another member can help...
  3. Does anybody know when this color came out?
  4. Earlier this year- January or February if I rememer correctly.
  5. It came out just before Valentine's day last year.
  6. thanks!!
  7. I emailed LV to ask as the SAs here are not sure. The officer that replied said that they do not want to comment, and that all Vernis colours are seasonal and will only be around for 6 months usually. Pomme was extended because it was so popular.

    I am waiting nervously to get the Pomme Ludlow wallet before they discontinue the colour. There are a lot still available on eLuxury so you can try there.
  8. thanks madaddie!
    im going to pick up a pomme cles at my LV store later this week:smile:
  9. Sorry to bring back this old topic, but better than start a new thread.

    I was on the phone with a SA about a month ago and they said this color pomme would not be discountinued. I asked specifically about the french wallet and the alma MM. However this SA wasn't too happy to be helping on the phone.

    Has anyone heard any definites or anything? I'm really wanting a Sarah wallet in Pomme.

    EDIT: Also, is it the color in general that's to be discontinued or certain pieces of the color.
  10. ^ CONGRATS!!!! I NEVER tire of Pomme! I absolutely love that color and the Alma is the BEST Vernis bag! Looking forward to your reveal with lots of photos of beautful Pomme.
  11. Yay! we can be bag twins!! I love this bag!! Its my favourite in my collection at the moment!!:yahoo:
  12. Your avatar is partly why I am getting it! I already had been eying it for awhile but kept talking myself out of it. Every time I would see your pic I would drool! I decided to I HAD to have it! Have you posted any modeling pics I can see?? Thanks, sis! :smile: :biggrin:
  13. If only I could now, than it wouldn't be a problem. =(