Pomme D'Amour

  1. Just a reminder guys that Pome D'Amour is half way through it's run it was released for 6 months in Jan, i haven't heard anything about it being extended.

    So are you still looking to get some Pomm, have you gotten everything you want or are you over it now??
  2. I´m definitely not over it! I´m wishing there are still pomme stuff left when I get to buy something again.
  3. Yep, I heard they expect to be sold out by July.
  4. ^^ Waht about the pomme pegase? It's supposed to come out with the amarante pegase, which isn't scheduled for release until this fall.
  5. Pomme is beautiful. I just afraid of red. So guess that means more for those that haven't gotten their fill yet of Pomme d'Amour.
  6. ^^^ Still scheduled, special release/special order. Even though these are being made, it's not like you can pop by the store and happen to catch one. You still have let your SA know you want one for them to order it in.
  7. ^^ :yes:

    And I still love the Pomme pieces. I only got the heart coin purse, but I obviously went nuts over the Inclusion pieces..and just finally got my bracelet yesterday after waiting for it for two months!
  8. im satisfied with my one cles. some inclusion jewelry would be nice, but im happy now!
  9. i dunno what else to get in pomme..as much as I want to ge something else. I was thinking a cles, but it's too similar to my flat pouch. I'd Like a wallet in pomme but I have no cluuuue as which style to get..*sigh* this is why it sucks to not have a LV boutique in my area.
  10. nope, still don't like its redness.......
  11. I still want the Reade PM and Zippy!
  12. I'm loving the pomme hearts. I didn't know they only run for 6 months. they are sold out on the LV UK site. I'm off hunting now, i really love it!!
  13. The hearts where a limited edtion there are no more of them but the other pomme items are a 6 month shot
  14. Glad I got in on that one early :smile: I would love to get an agenda or roxy :smile:
  15. I really want the heart but think I'm extremely SOL!