Pomme d'Amour Vernis?

  1. Hi everyone! I'm on a little "sidetrip" from Balenciaga...where I usually hang out.

    So, yesterday, walking through an LV boutique, I saw a number of Pomme d'Amour Vernis items, and LOVING red as much as I do....ending up staying for half an hour. The upshot is that I MUST GET A POMME d'AMOUR ZIPPY!!! Cutest, most functional, prettiest, shiniest, most gorgeous thing EVER :drool:! My question is this: Is the Pomme d'Amour still too new to show up in resale environments like you-know-where, etc.? I'd prefer not to pay retail, but I don't want to wait a year for Pomme d"amour Zippies to start appeaering elsewhere. Do I stand a chance of finding a "gently loved" one, or are they still too new (meaning I'll have to go retail?)

    Many thanks in advance! (Hey...nice place you've got here!!)
  2. The Pomme came out at the beginning of this year so they aren't that new. You may find some on resale auction sites.
  3. Oh, that's great! Thanks so much! :smile:
  4. none at eBay right now but eventually one will pop up. good luck!
  5. Yeah I'm sure you will find one on eBay eventually. The thing is that they rarely go for under retail since it's such a popular style!
  6. WAHHHH!! But, thanks BabyDoll!! :yes: