Pomme d'amour Roxbury or Bedford


Roxbury or Bedbford?

  1. The Roxbury is a hotter bag of the two...

  2. The Bedford is a hotter bag of the two...

  3. Do not like either...

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  1. what do you think?? which bag looks hotter:love: ...they are both lovely:heart: ...but, which is a tad bit more stunning in your opinion and why:confused1:
  2. I personally like the shape of the bedford better than the roxbury.
  3. I like the Bedford cause it's so convenient, but for you Pug, the roxbury, especially now...:heart: :heart:
  4. Roxbury Drive vote here. :biggrin:
  5. Roxbury all the way. Love the single strap OR the handle, love the classic clutch shape, love the unique snaps and the wide opening. It's a winner for an evening bag, IMO. I took mine to a party last night and got several compliments.
  6. Roxxxxxbury

    Extra x's for hotness.
  7. roxbury.
  8. roxbury:yes: bc i recall you did not love the shape of the bedford..they're both lovely, but that's my choice for you and why!
  9. Roxbury is a very understated elegant style.
  10. I like this color with smaller bags, like Mott.
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: too funny
  12. the bedford fits more but, also costs more$$$...the roxbury is very unique and stunning....thanks for the feedback...
  13. Roxbury!
  14. Roxbury vote here.
  15. the roxbury is absolutey stunning
    +1 vote