Pomme D'Amour---quick questions

  1. Hi all,

    a couple of ???'s about Pomme D'Amour:

    I've seen it on a couple of threads and LV's website and :heart: :heart: :heart: it.

    1) Will it be a limited edition color under the MV line?
    2) How does it compare to the rasberry color? I've seen the rasberry and it is a little too"pinkish" for me---looking for a true/darker red
    3) Does the vernis line scratch easily?
    4) Last but not least---how much does the small flat pouch (with the little lacquered tassel) retails for?

    Thanks everyone in advance for helping!!!
  2. 1 Its not LE but could be discontinued at any time to make room for new colours
    2 Its a bright almost cherry red. Looks like a fresh painted car.
    3 IDK I would look and LV UK.com and do a conversion from GBP into whatever currency you need

    BTW Welcomt to tPF
  3. Hi,

    I think it's a "seasonal color." Won't be around forever, but as someone said... it will be "readily available" for a few months or so. After that, it won't be back. So pick up your Pomme now!

    It's an amazing, deep red. It looks really rich. The consensus on TPF is pretty much that it is to die for. :p

    I only have Vernis in white and a light green, and I don't use them too much. I've never had any scratching problems... I think it happens, but it's not a major issue.
  4. I definately think (again, think) that it is seasonal especially with the heart purse. Why not capitalize on Valentine's day?
  5. ^ amen :smile:
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm gonna check it out at the store this week and hopefully get it for V-day! You guys are great---thanks again!!! :yes:

    FYI---checked on LV.UK website and the flat pouch is 190 GBP, so around $375---not too bad---but then again I guess it might be a better choice to go with some type of Pomme small wallet at that price....
  7. vernis does not scratch as easily as rumored.
  8. ^^ Agree, vernis bags are surprisingly hardy, don't know about their wallets though since I don't have one yet :smile:
  9. good luck!