Pomme D'Amour Or Dentelle Pochette Wallet?


Pomme D'Amour or Dentelle Pochette Wallet

  1. Pomme D'Amour!!

  2. Dentelle!!

  3. Get them Both!

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  1. Having trouble deciding between the 2.. I already have the Pomme D'Amour Wallet, ordered from Elux., and I believe I still have enough time for return if I change my mind (at least I hope I do... I have to check my receipt). I've been wanting the Dentelle wallet as well, since the Speedy is WAAAAY out of my price range... but would it be too much to have SO many wallets?? I already have the Groom Compact wallet & a Mono Mat French Purse.. Would it be too much to have the Pomme D'Amour Pochette AND a Dentelle Pochette Wallet?
    I've got my eye on a Gucci Pelham as my next purse (don't kill me!!:sweatdrop:) which is why I'm not considering the Dentelle Speedy.

    I guess what I'm asking is... return the Pomme for the Dentelle Pochette Wallet, or just bite the bullet and get them both??

    Anyone know how long the Dentelle wallet will be around for? :confused1:
  2. unless it is wayy too much money, i say that you get them both!
    if not, then keep the pomme, just because it is more elegant.
    (no offence to anyone here, but the dentelle looks kinda like my grandmas curtains!)
  3. Pomme definitely!
  4. I like the dentelle.
  5. Pomme! Don't like the Dentelle.
  6. Might as well get them both!
  7. Both or the Pomme. Get the Dentelle JUST after!

    Also, think about it this way, which do you plan on using for the long run? Mich said the Dentelle seems a bit more fragile, so if you plan on using it a lot then stick to the Pomme, otherwise, grab both! :idea:
  8. depends how you'll be using your wallet. i keep hearing that the dentelle is not for everyday use and it looks delicate.

    if for everyday, i'd go with pomme. if not, dentelle since it looks so interesting.
  9. Get them both. They're two completely different wallets for separate occasions.
  10. None of them - and get the Speedy instead :p
  11. Maybe get a Dentelle ludlow or something small? I know what it's like to want multiples from different lines!
  12. i like pomme d'amour more! but isn't dentelle limited? if so get the dentelle! you can get something else from pomme like a cles or agenda..
  13. Pomme for sure :yes:
  14. pomme........the dentelle line isnt my favorite (IMHO)
  15. I'm biased because I have the ludlow but I LOVE the pomme!!