Pomme d'Amour now avaliable in Calgary

  1. GOOD NEWS!!

    All Vernis Products are now avaliable at the Calgary store.
    FYI the heart cles is not launching until February and also avaliable in pearl and framboise.
  2. this one is for you Karman!
  3. LOL thanks ;) Just read your PM
  4. I can already tell I, as well as MANY other tPF members are gonna LOVE having you here. I think you're gonna make an AMAZING contribution here! :smile:
  5. wow I'd like an SA in my store who'd pm me when something I like becomes available!!! :search: lol
  6. Karman's got our dream SA. PM updates, just imagine!:yahoo:
  7. lol i guess everyone should move here for that reason....
  8. Do you know if there a waitlist for the heart?
  9. There is a few, exact numbers are confidential. I suggest you add your name onto the list if you wish to see one. :yes:
  10. Awww....I'm jealous....I want my SA to PM me, too, with all the updates.....:yes: lol
  11. So many nice things comeing out.
  12. Thanks for the post on availability!! I called first thing in the morning to get a lil' something! I was minutes too late to get my hands on the Roxbury though! The color is gorgeous with the vachetta leather!
  13. THANKS =)
  14. If I had to buy a house in Calgary with the current prices I couldn't afford anymore LV!
  15. No more Roxbury?!? I wanted to go tomorrow to check out all the bags in the new colour...(if they don't get annoyed with me hahaha)