Pomme D'Amour items---need help tracking some down

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  1. Has anyone purchased the Pomme D'Amour flat pouch or inclusion ring?

    I called 866-Vuitton and the said the flat pouch has been released all over the US but I just called my local store (NC) and they don't have it.

    I'm a little nervous about buying them from another store b/c I haven't seen any of these items in person---especially the ring---I would like to try it on first. Does anyone have it and can share their thoughts?

    Many thanks!!!! :yes:
  2. You should definitely try the ring on first. As for the flat pouch, it looks pretty good in everyone's pics.
  3. I agree. You need to try on the ring.
  4. the flat pouch is absolutely gorgeous...you can always return it if you don't like it but i would try on the ring first.
  5. I agree with everyone about the ring. Some people find it pretty comfortable while others don't. Maybe you can try the ring on at your store in another color, then call 866 number ask them to locate one for you in the color you want.
  6. I tried on the ring tonight and didn't like it :sad: And I had really been hoping to buy it, but not if it's just going to sit in my jewelry box. It was just too large and clunky, esp between my fingers. Oh well. $200 saved!