Pomme D'Amour Inclusion GM or Transparent Inclusion GM ?


Inclusion Bracelet GM - Pomme D'Amour OR Transparent

  1. Transparent GM

  2. Pomme D'Amour GM

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  1. Trying to decide between them, which you all think is a lot cuter and would get. Factor in limitability (is that even a word?), look, practicality and overall allure of it.

    Thanks :heart:
  2. IMO the pomme is cuter, but i would choose the transparent because I'm not a red person and the transparent goes well with almost everything
  3. I have the Pomme GM on it's way to me, but I'm deciding on if I should get the Transparent GM as well...and if I decide so to only keep 1, which would it be? :shrugs:
  4. pomme!
  5. I voted Pomme all the way. I had this same dilemma as well. I think the red is really eye catching and will be great to wear during the spring\summer. And IMOH, the transparent looks better in the PM size. Not enough 'substance' to it in the GM size. My Pomme is on the way and I hope i'll be pleased with it!
  6. The transparent is so pretty and wearable. I know it's a luxury item, but you'd definitely wear the transparent more :biggrin:
  7. i think the transparent inclusion is easier to match... i like the pomme too, it's a pretty color, but i personally would prefer the transparent, if choosing between the two.
  8. I like the Pomme.:yes:
  9. oooh pomme for sure!
  10. Apple!
  11. I love the transparent one...it's soooo gorgeous, like wearing a big chunk of ice embedded with gold on your wrist...lol...ever since I saw it a couple weeks ago, I still can't stop thinking about it :love: But it's also because I'm just not a red person.
  12. Pomme- the transparent looks kinda tacky.
  13. I like pomme.
  14. You know I'd keep both, haha. But if I had to choose...I think I'd go with pomme. I like colors!
  15. I honestly think you're going to get more use out of the transparent one, it'll match more...