Pomme D'Amour Inclusion bracelet - vuitton.com

  1. The picture of the red Inclusion bracelet is now on vuitton.com (belts, scarves, accessories section, then fancy jewelery section)!!!!! Amarente, however, is not yet showing on the website.

    The red color is beautiful!!! I can't wait to buy it!!!
  2. yesterday I gave you the option to 'purchase now'
  3. it's beautiful! thank you!
  4. Can't wait till Feb 1st!! :love: Its so pretty.
  5. I think the Vuitton website always gives the option to "purchase now" but it directs you to the front page of the e-luxury website. The inclusion bracelet doesn't even show up on e-lux unless you do a search, and then it says "product out of stock" (showing pic of berry bracelet).
  6. I think the red color is perfect!!! Just right!!! Looking forward to seeing a pic of the Amarante color as well.
  7. What color is the amarante? I have not heard of this one before.
  8. It was in another posting.... Amarante was first described as some sort of blueish/purple but now it's been described as brown. I'm confused on the exact color now....but if it's brown, it will be a nice compliment to our Monogram bags!!! (The blue/purple sounds nice as well.) I haven't seen any pics on it yet, so keep checking the Vuitton website - someone else says the Amarante will be available in June and the red color (Pomme D'Amour) is suppose to be available in February (yeah!).
  9. I hope the amarante is blue/purple. but brown would be nice too :smile: i have to go to lv this weekend to check the red inclusion bracelet i'm not on the list for it but now i want it :smile:
  10. pic's..
    ring.jpg phine.jpg brae.jpg
  11. ^^ you beat me to it!! :roflmfao: I just went and did that.

    I LOOOOVE the bracelet ... what is the retail? $200-something? Argh, I think I need it too ... feb. 1st will be expensive!! Do you think I need to get on a waitlist for it too or I can just ask about it when I go in to get my coin purse?
  12. peace43 in the UK we don't have elux but can buy direct from vuitton via vuitton.com. usually if the item is not available it will say item not sold online or item out of stock online. so it saying purchase now would mean us lucky UK pters can get this baby now
  13. The transparent inclusion bracelet was $255 USD at the end of 2006. If there's a price increase, maybe the new bracelet will be around $260 or so? Just guessing....

    I think it would be good to put your name on the waitlist but I'm sure more will be available at some point. When I was in SF for X-Mas, the transparent inclusion bracelets were at all of the LVs but I had got my bracelet earlier in L.A. and my store had only gotten in about 4 bracelets. I was first on the waitlist, but I don't think anyone else was on it because my SA let me purchase 3 of the transparents bracelets at one time (myself, and for two of my co-workers who wanted it also).
  14. I seriously can't wait for SA to call me. That red is just too gorgeous to pass it up.
  15. thanks! ive been looking for iit for quite some time now!
    (im praying to god that i dont like it! lol)