Pomme D'Amour in Vegas

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  1. Was going to buy a pomme d'amour cles in Vegas, but the :cursing: that drove us to the airport forgot to take me by the bank to get money out of my savings account until there were none around. Oh well, I figure I'll do elux and save some money :biggrin:

    The LV at the Wynn is not only one of the most gorgeous LVs ever, but also had everything in the new red out on display and were super helpful and nice, even though I just came to drool. :drool: Caesar's didn't have them out, but I didn't go in, since I had already been to the Wynn.

    I was in the super long security line at the Vegas airport, and the girl in front of me had a brand new brentwood in the pomme d'amour. It it is my new bag of obsession!! :nuts: She probably thought I was a psycho for staring at her bag for 20 minutes in the stupid line, but it was so gorgeous! AND THEN she just stuck it in the x-rays! She didn't put it in a container or anything! I almost had a heart attack. :sweatdrop:

    Sorry for the pretty pointless post, but I had to share, since my BF could care less. He did offer to lend me the money for the cles, but I felt bad spending his money.
  2. I'm yet to see Pomme D'Armour anything IRL but I agree this red is gorgeous!:love: Don't forget to post pics when you get it from elux.
  3. I would be staring at the bag too!
    Can you tell me if the Wynn is very far from Caeser's? Is it within walking distance?
  4. i'm going to vegas in 2 weeks. can't wait to see lv at the wynn! i saw the new vernis IRL and it is beautiful!!!
  5. Yes! The colour is SO gorgeous on the bags...the Brentwood must've been AMAZING!!
  6. Gorgeous color, and I agree you need something from it to complete your rainbow spectrum of vernis :lol: The Wynn is nice and I really liked the SAs there, too! I plan on making one of them my reg SA :biggrin:
  7. I think it is in walking distance! But I walk everywhere in Vegas. :p It isn't too far though, only the Mirage and Treasure Island are in between them and then it's across the street from the Fashion Show Mall.
  8. X-ray with no bucket :wtf:
  9. I would have crawled into the machine with it, holding it on my lap!
  10. I love the Wynn & esp the LV shop there. We always stay there & the service is exceptional in both the resort & the shops. It is kind of a trek from Ceaser if you don't walk a lot. I'm like you anotheremptysky, I lurve walking all over Vegas, sooo much to look at & so many shops to hit.
    Lordy I want a Pom Bedford too :drool:
  11. Thanks for the info! We're going in March and I hope they have a heart left for me. :heart:
  12. Walking distance depend on how much you walk usually the casino are huge you can easily walk 5 minutes and still be in front of the same one so even though there are only 2 between them don't underestimate the distance (especially if you have been walking around all day too) btw the Wynn breakfast buffet is FANTASTIC go there first then shop till you drop!!
  13. Yeah, I think I read in one of the Vegas magazines that Caesar's is 1 mile from Fashion Show Mall (which is across the street from the Wynn). Or it might have been Bellagio to the Mall (Bellagio is next to Caesar's). So, it is about a mile walk. I think it's a doable walk, and I am definitely not in shape, haha:roflmfao: