Pomme D'Amour in Roxbury Dr. or Pochette Wallet?

  1. I can't decide! :shrugs: I have the mono speedies in 25 and 30 and the mono zipped compact wallet. I LOVE the new red color. And I really want to get something in it. So it's either the roxbury bag or pochette wallet. Now I go to work everyday with the speedy 30. As far as going out at night, we don't. With the exceptions of going out for a bite, we're middle aged homebodies so I can't use the going out to a club, etc. excuse. So how practical do you think the bag is? Do ya think it's a little dressy to use as a casual Saturday let's go to the mall kind of thing? Do you think the wallet's more practical? Opinions please!
  2. My vote is for the Roxbury! : )
  3. well since you already own a wallet and you said that you need a night-out bag, I'd say get the roxbury drive. Usually i'm not into this model, but recently a PFer bought it in the pomme d'amour colour which is STUNNINGLY beautiful!
  4. I just saw the Pomme D'amour Roxbury Drive yesterday at Holt Renfrew and its really nice. Another customer saw me looking at the bag and said "Thats cute!" My vote it for the Roxbury!
  5. I like the Roxbury. I dont think it's too dressy for a Saturday trip to the mall. It's cute! I've seen people shopping with this bag before...it's kinda nice because you have the option of using it as a shoulder bag.
  6. My vote is for the Roxbury it looks so hot in the pomme d'amour
  7. me too
  8. Roxbury, or if you decide on the wallet, it would be so nice on its own also :love:

    can't wait to see what you decide!!!!!!!!!! :yes:
  9. Roxbury! Great weekend day bag!!!
  10. the Roxbury is TDF!
  11. Well, I would go with the wallet because you will get more use out of it. You said you don't really go out at night so you won't get much use out of the Roxbury. I would go for the wallet and then at least you get to see and use the wallet everyday!! Good luck with your choice!
  12. roxbury
  13. Pochette wallet.:love:
  14. Roxbury! Nice bag good for the weekdays and great for weekends!
  15. If you chose the Roxbuy, don't be shy about using it to simply go shopping. I wouldn't bring it to some sort of country fair or to play mini-golf. But I'd use it to go out to dinner, the mall, day trips, etc.

    Either way, you gotta get something in this color! It's divine.