Pomme d'amour heart to be re-released???

  1. Has anyone else heard this??? My SA told me that along with the Amarante heart coming that she heard a rumour that LV may re-release the pomme d'amour heart as well. She said LV knew that they underproduced these and were aware that so many LV fans were disappointed by not being able to get one.
  2. Oh, I hope they re-release the Pomme heart!! I got the MC heart, but I also wanted the Pomme, so I would really be happy if the Pomme heart is re-released!! I am already on the waitlist for the Amarante heart (ha, just in case it was released, my SA made a waitlist for me). :yes:
  3. OOO!!
    I would love it in Pomme again!
    & Amarante that would be soo pretty!
    I will have to ask my SA,
    Thanks for the heads up :smile:
  4. My SA confirmed that the Amarante heart is coming & I waitlisted already. She just couldn't confirm the exact release date...just said in the next couple of months. She said TPF will probably know the exact launch date before they do! :graucho: She was just relating the rumour she heard about the Pomme heart.
  5. ohhh i hope they rerelease the pomme too!! i want to start a little heart collection, haha
  6. If they re-release the pomme heart again, I may actually consider getting one...not the Amarante, since I think I'll be getting a French purse in Amarante after all :p
  7. ^ Oo i saw the French Purse in Amarante it's hot!
    I really would jump at the chance of getting a heart purse in Pomme!
    Kitty Your SA is funny when she said we will probably know before them!
    that's usually about right!
  8. OMG, I would be so happy if they re-released the Pomme heart, I missed out and love it!
  9. I totally missed these when they first launched. What is the retail price on a MC and Pomme heart? TIA!
  10. ^ $350 when it was first released
  11. MC and Vernis? Don't MCs usually run more than Vernis? Murakami needs to get his cut ;)...
  12. That's too funny! :nuts:
  13. I am praying to the LV Gods to release them again!! :nuts: Oh pleeeasseee.
  14. Oooh I hope they do! And for $350? For some reason I thought they were >$450! I am thrilled to hear they were less lol. I want one!
  15. I missed the Pomme d'amour heart before....cuz my LV store only had a few of them:push:

    If they'll re-released it...i'll be :drool:.....Thanks for the headsup~ THat's a super goood news to hear !:yahoo: I think if they were to re-release this, it'll be around Christmas? Afterall it's like a symbolic thing:heart::heart::heart: